Quinton is a completely natural nutrition supplement and has been used for over 100 years!


Replace lost trace elements and minerals

Intensive farming practices have depleted our soils, leaving them deficient of minerals and trace elements. Modern commercial fertilisers replace nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium primarily which makes crops grow well but unfortunately farmed produce lacks many of the trace minerals that have been leached from the soil and used up by crops many years ago.  The result is our food is not as nutritious as it should be and however much of it we eat there are some trace elements that we will never consume and replace in our body.  Processing and irradiation of food does not help the nutritious quality of our food either.

482034_10151347450474694_1512264174_n1.jpgMany of us have chronic malnutrition - not from a calorific perspective, but in regard to trace elements. Although only present in very small amounts in our body as the term trace element suggests, they are nonetheless very important to the correct function of enzymes, proteins and co-factors etc that are crucial to how our body functions.  When trace elements are depleted in our body we are more susceptible to disease, chronic deterioration and degenerative conditions.  Modern diets have been blamed for the increase of LDL cholesterol in our blood which has been found to accumulate on blood vessel walls and is considered a major factor in heart disease.  A research trial in Japan has shown that people who drank seawater alonside a high cholesterol diet had a significantly reduced rise in LDL cholesterol in the blood when compared with people who drank mineral water on the same diet. 

By taking Quinton you can replenish these nutrients and minerals and help to restore the balance which maintains a healthy body.


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