Quinton Supports Dieters

Quinton has a history of use as a nutritional support supplement alongside diets and was used in "Program 18" that was later bought out by Nestlé.  A number of dieting clinics in the UK also recommend taking Quinton to ensure that when reducing food intake you are ensuring an adequate intake of minerals and nutrients that are frequently low in our foods anyway.

Dieting is a stress on the body.  Stress uses up minerals which is why supplementing with Quinton will help.  Many people are nutritionally deficient in trace minerals simply because intensive farming practices have depleted our soils.  Fertilisers concentrate on replacing only a few nutrients that provide increased growth of crops but doesn’t provide food with the full complement of nutrients.  It is quite possible that some people are mistaking mineral cravings for food cravings when their diet is deficient in minerals.  No matter how much food is eaten, resulting in eating too many calories, the cravings for the missing and depleted trace minerals remain.  The body stores the excess calories as fat but still never satisfies the mineral craving.

Trace minerals provide a crucial role in the body and are essential for some of the biochemical pathways associated with stabilising blood sugar.  Chromium is just one of these that has been identified, but Chromium doesn’t work in isolation so requires other trace minerals to be effective.  Supplementation of elements and trace minerals that is not in balance with how the body requires them will upset the body's delicate mineral balance.  Quinton provides all naturally occurring elements in exactly the correct proportions so that the body can utilise whatever it needs without unbalancing itself and satisfies any mineral craving.

Whilst Quinton is useful for providing all elements in balance and in a fully bioavailable form, it also supports the body by the provision of EFAs, anti-oxidants and nucleic acids that help the body adapt better to its new internal environment that changes due to dieting.

Whilst Quinton Health recommends the use of Quinton to support a healthy lifestyle change and better diet we do not endorse fad and crash diets as a way of attaining your ideal weight.