Quinton has been the secret natural nutrition supplement used for decades by World Class athletes in all sports to maximise performance

Professional athletes from a wide range of sporting disciplines are rediscovering the additional performance that results from having your full complement of elements in the correct proportions.

Hard physical exercise causes not just water, but minerals to be lost via sweat too. For maximum performance it is not sufficient to wait to replace these vital minerals and trace elements until after exercise as your body needs them during performance.  Using Quinton Hypertonic prior to exercise ensures your body has a reservoir of minerals that it can rely on.  Making sure that all your minerals are present in the correct proportions ensures that your whole metabolism is ready and fully functional with no weak link.

Energy availability during performance is not simply about taking on glucose from sports drinks.  Frequently, the glucose concentration is too high that stimulates an insulin spike which in turn drops the blood sugar.  This happens in part because the correct mineral balance is required to enable the body to transport the glucose into the cells that require it.  If there is too little Sodium or other minerals present from too much sweating then your muscles cannot access the glucose and your body is already dehydrated too.

If you are already feeling thirsty then you are already dehydrated and your athletic performance has already suffered.  Drinking water on its own doesn't hydrate the body as well as when the level of Sodium is correct.  Although sodium has been identified as the main element responsible for helping absorb water, it doesn't function in the body in isolation to other minerals and trace elements.  Water with added sodium is obviously an improvement over drinking water alone, but for maximum hydration for maximum performance you need to drink water alonside minerals that contains sufficient sodium that is correctly balanced relative to all the other elements.  Quinton Hypertonic helps provide this correct balance of sodium with other elements.   

For maximum performance, it is paramount to ensure an athlete starts performing with the full complement of minerals and that both these and water are topped up before there is a drop in performance so that hydration, glucose and oxygen supply to muscles is maximised.

Of course hydration isn't the only factor for maximum performance.  The correct balance of elements is also crucial in energy metabolism as co-factors, in the transport of glcose and oxygen, for nerve function and for regulating body pH etc.

Quinton Hypertonic is the ideal mineral supplement that helps prepare all aspect of the body and is why it has been used for decades by many world champion athletes in many sports.

Quinton Hypertonic has been used by athletes within a diverse range of sports:- soccer, kayaking, basketball, motor-sport, boxing, athletics, skiing, cycling, American football, skateboarding, surfing, ice-hockey, karting, swimming, wind-surfing, golf and others.