Quinton Nasal Hygiene Sprays. Boost your immune system and improve overall health

Quinton Nasal Sprays come in both Isotonic and Hypertonic forms.  Unlike many other sprays, the gas propellent is restricted to it's own chamber and is completely isolated from the Quinton solution so that it's composition and activity is not compromised in any way.  Quinton Nasal Sprays come in a larger 150ml size and a small 20ml size that is suitable to be carried in a handbag for when you are out and about and need a more discreet solution for your nasal flushing.

Scientists are now realising that our nasal passages and associated sinuses are reservoirs of infection.  The part of our immune system that controls infection locally on mucous membranes is constantly battling to keep these infections under control.  As quickly as they kill the pathogens off, new ones arrive that we cannot avoid breathing in.  Under normal conditions this delicate balance stays in favour of our immune system.  If our immune system is compromised in other directions when we get run down, or the burden of incoming pathogens rises significantly because we are surrounded by more people with active infections or in high pollen times of the year, then the balance swings away from our immune system and we start to exhibit signs of disease such as a runny nose, itching and inflammation that blocks up our nasal passages.  Anything that helps our local nasal and sinus mucous membranes to be a better physical barrier and the immune system to function more effectively makes our mucous membranes less hospitable to pathogens and allergens.  This keeps the balance more towards our immune system and we have higher reserves for when we meet higher levels of pathogens and allergens.

By maintaining our nasal and sinus mucous membranes in tip-top condition we are more resistant to problems in these areas.