Quinton Dermo Action Sprays. Enjoy better skin health, ideal for those with skin conditions

The Dermo Action sprays are made using Quinton Hypertonic physiological solution that mimics the action of seawater in every way.  As with all Quinton products they are produced in sterile conditions according to René Quinton’s protocol for his original E.P. Spray.  There are 2 sizes of spray; the larger one containing 150 ml, and a handy 20ml size suitable for carrying in a jacket pocket or handbag for more discreet use when you are out in public.

Like other Quinton sprays, the Dermo Action hypertonic solution is not in contact with the gas propellent.  The action of spraying on the skin has a double dermatological effect: the spray method oxygenates the dynamic hypertonic solution and the friction of it mechanically massages, rubs, and stimulates the skin exactly the same as we experience in the waves of the sea.  This enables the skin to absorb elements which then helps rebalances the lower skin layers and promote better skin health leading to greater hydration and flexibility.