Quinton is the Optimum Natural Health Supplement

Described as the blueprint of life and optimal health, Quinton is purified from a pristine oceanic plankton bloom and is similar to the internal fluids of our body. It contains the intelligence of our optimal health.  Inside the bloom’s protective environment, tiny sea creatures create original Quinton marine plasma.

This plasma is so unique it cannot be dried and reconstituted or manufactured synthetically to have the same effect. Original Quinton marine plasma is only harvested at certain times under certain conditions.  These were trade secrets of the Quinton family for more than 100 years before being passed onto the present manufacturer, Laboratoires Quinton in Spain.

Quinton is constructed in nature’s laboratory and balances the human cell perfectly. Quinton is not merely seawater - you cannot simply collect deep or coastal seawater to duplicate the clinical results realised by it. Quinton is cold-filtered, which means that unlike other seawater products it is never heated, and never irradiated. Quinton is 100% raw and 100% vegan.

Quinton's natural composition amazingly mirrors that of healthy human blood plasma and our extra cellular fluid almost perfectly.  Like human blood plasma, Quinton contains 78 minerals and marine co-factors – all at the perfect levels needed by the human body to be healthy.


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